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  • Tax services in Kefalonia

    Tax services in Kefalonia

Tax services in Kefalonia

Taxation of a physical-legal person is a distinct branch of financial science and requires specialization and continuous training.

In a constantly changing tax environment, we provide up-to-date information on every tax matter that may arise, regarding physical as well as legal persons.

Σε ένα φορολογικό περιβάλλον που συνεχώς μεταβάλλεται, παρέχουμε έγκαιρη ενημέρωση για κάθε φορολογικό θέμα που μπορεί να προκύψει, τόσο σε φυσικά όσο και σε νομικά πρόσωπα.

More specifically we provide:

  • Online submission and maintenance of an online file for every type of tax declaration of legal and natural persons
  • VAT declarations
  • VAT Exemption and Refund processes
  • PHM Statements
  • Statement of property tax transfer
  • Single property tax (ENFIA) and payout tracking
  • Debt settlement

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