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  • Funding Programs in Kefalonia

    Funding Programs in Kefalonia

Funding Programs in Kefalonia

Within the context ofNSRF 2014-2020, as well as the Development programs of the Greek public sector, we gather all the funding opportunities and we select the appropriate programs each company can benefit from.

More specifically, we support your business by providing information on funding opportunities, up to the final disbursement of the grant. More specifically, our services are divided in the four following phases:

Α. Information/Updating Services

We are providing you with all the short term and complete information regarding all the available funding programs that can subsidize your business (existing or in progress of being established). Briefly, you are being informed regarding the following:

  • Beneficiaries and Limitations

  • Eligible Expenses

  • Funding opportunities

  • Timetables

Β. Investment pre-rating

Within the context of a healthy collaboration between us and our customers, through special tools, we proceed with the pre-rating of each and every investment, updating directly the potential businessman regarding to his possibilities of being funded.

C. Writing an investment plan

  • Design and implementation of econometric study and feasibility studies

  • Provide consultancy support and complete information throughout the whole implementation process

  • Submission of the final dossier for evaluation

D. Monitoring the implementation of the Project

Our Office is committed to support the customer up to the final disbursement of the grant.

  • Writing of an investment plan implementation guide

  • Advice on financial monitoring

  • Management of the investment plan, through technical reports

  • Monitoring the smooth operation of the investment

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