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  • Accounting services in Kefalonia

    Accounting services in Kefalonia

Accounting services in Kefalonia

Taking into consideration each business’ needs separately, as well as the current legislation, we provide complete and reliable accounting support to businesses of every kind. For us, accounting support does not only consist in keeping the books and carrying out the taxes obligations of each company. We function as financial directors-consultants, providing solutions based in the company’s financial performance, substantially contributing to its development.

More specifically, with the main aim of ensuring the appropriate conditions for the smooth function and development of your business, we offer the following accounting services:

  • B and C Class Bookkeeping
  • Organization and supervision of computerized accounting at the headquarters of the company
  • Vacation and every other changes in business activities
  • Submission of VAT returns and Income Tax declarations
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Constant control of the company’s financial performance, with relevant reports

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